DTAC Video Library is located at:

Los Alamitos Unified School District
10652 Reagan Street
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
c/o Gabriel Ramirez
Please call Gabriel to reserve your video/s in advance. 

New additions to the library (not on the attached list):

97. Sexual Harassment on the School Bus - Identifying and Taking Action

98. Driving Fundamentals: Intersections, Merging and Changing Lanes

99. Everyday Hazards for School Bus Drivers

100. The Professional Bus Driver: Driver Conduct

101. Post Accident Procedures for School Bus Drivers

102. The Professional Bus Driver

103. Driving the School Bus in Inclement Weather

104. Driving Distracted and Then it Happened - Fatality

105. Steven Forsythe - Every opportunity

106. Ethics of Student Confidentiality for School Bus Drivers

107. Tail Swing Safety for School Bus Drivers